A Walk Around Iqaluit


Abby stands on the sea ice as night falls. The lights of Iqaluit glimmer in the background.

Every day the expedition team members take a break from their work on the computer and from their work on expedition prep and go for a walk around Iqaluit.Every time they go exploring they gain a little more insight into what life is like in Iqaluit.


Unlike the satellites at lower latitudes that point up towards the sky, satellites in Iqaluit point low towards the sky just above the horizon.


Abby looks at seal skins hanging on a drying-line outside of a house in the center of town.


Our neighbor runs water from a hose into a skating rink he made in his yard for his kids.

The community of Iqaluit is spread out over several hills overlooking the bay. The sunset — which lasts many hours — casts a golden light over the buildings.


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