Author: Baffin Island Basecamp

Arctic Tide Surge

The snowmobile road is flooded. Over the last few days we’ve noticed that at high tide the ocean water rises up from underneath the pack ice and inundates the shore. The snowmobile road that skirts the shore gets flooded up to three feet deep. We’ve seen snowmobiles speeding along the road and hitting patches of […]

Gear Preparation

John S. and Nancy cut poly rope for dog necklines. The team is working full-time to finish the gear preparations for the upcoming departure. Even though they did a lot of work on gear before they left Minnesota, there are certain tasks that had to wait until the team arrived on Baffin. Collapsible tent poles […]

Expedition Team United

Theo Ikummaq After months of anticipation, all seven expedition members are finally united in Iqaluit. Inuit partners Theo Ikummaq, Simon Qamanirq, and Lukie Airut arrived right on time with 24 sled dogs in tow. The group spent several hours shuttling the dogs and gear from the airport to the base camp and out onto the […]

Frozen Raw Caribou for Dinner

Simon Qamanirq carving caribou meat The rich aroma of raw caribou and walrus came wafting down Natsiq Street as Inuit expedition members Simon Qamanirq, Lukie Airut, and Theo Ikummaq prepared their meat for travel. The three men came well prepared for a long journey – they brought traditional ‘country foods’ from their home town of […]

Frostbite gives insight into harsh climate…

Elizabeth’s fingers, which she frostbit on Saturday night while setting up tents, are recovering well. The tips are still tender and a couple of them have blisters filled with clear fluid. If the frostbite had been more severe, she might have had blisters filled with dark fluid or skin that turned dark when it re-warmed. […]

Interview with Richard Weber…

For the last thirty years, world-renowned polar explorer Richard Weber has traveled and lived in the Arctic. He has participated, led, and organized more than forty-five Arctic expeditions. His first time to the pole was on Will Steger’s 1986 expedition and he has since returned to the pole more times than anyone in history. Global […]

Interview with Simon Awa…

Simon Awa, Deputy Minister of the Environment for the territory of Nunavut, talked with Global Warming 101 expedition member Elizabeth Andre about the Inuit relationship to the land, traditional knowledge about global warming and lessons we can learn from the Inuit experience with climate change. Listen to the interview: Part One: What is the Inuit […]