Author: Baffin Island Basecamp

Interview with Davidee Kooneeliusie

For thirty-four years Davidee Kooneeliusie has worked for Parks Canada. He regularly explores Auyuittuq National Park by foot, snowmobile and dogteam. Over his 34 years of work he has seen trails turn into rivers, glaciers recede, river ice levels drop, lake ice thickness decrease, snow levels decrease and new birds arrive. Davidee spoke with expedition […]

Country Food

For many Pangnirtung community members, more than ninety percent of their diet comes from “country food,” food that comes directly from the surrounding environment. They eat seal, char, turbot, beluga whale, walrus, bear, and caribou. In the summer they collect berries as well. Country food helps Inuit maintain their relationship to the land, their cultural […]

Turbot Fishing

A worker in a blue overcoat, yellow rubber gloves, hairnet and white hardhat places turbot fish onto a conveyor belt that drops them into a whirring machine. The machine spits out separate piles of skins and bones. A conveyor belt exits the machine carrying filets. Eight other workers, all wearing the same overcoats and hardhats […]

Fork Beard Glacier

The team at the Fork Beard Glacier The Global Warming 101 expedition team is mushing through Auyuittuq National Park on their way to Qikiqtarjuaq. The route climbs over Akshayuk pass. Numerous glaciers carve their way down from the Penny Ice Cap and surrounding peaks. Ironically, the name of the park translates to “the land that […]