Author: Baffin Island Basecamp


Anytime you return to a place you lived many years before, you will likely be surprised by changes. You probably would not expect, however, to find the very shape of the land changed. For Global Warming 101 Expedition Team member Theo Ikummaq, however, this is just what happened when he arrived in his former home […]

UV Radiation

Inuit elders often tell the Global Warming 101 team that they get sunburned much more than in the old days. Warmer Arctic temperatures are a double-whammy when it comes to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure on living things. Although the stratospheric ozone layer is recovering over much of the world after the banning of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons […]

Arctic Char

Back at Steger’s Minnesota homestead when we were packing our expedition food, we wondered, “Will the Inuit team members want to eat oatmeal for breakfast?” We contacted Theo to ask. His reply: “I would prefer to eat char.” Arctic char, the northernmost species of freshwater fish, is a mainstay of the Inuit diet. A member […]

Under the Ice

Charlie Alikatuktuk, a professional clam-diver from Qikiqtarjuaq, prepares to submerge beneath the sea ice. Global Warming 101 Expedition Team members and students from the local school stand around to watch. Although air temperatures around 20°F (-6°C) make the day relatively balmy for the Arctic in March and despite the fact that Charlie is wearing a […]

Clyde River Research

How do people from different communities use sea ice? How is sea ice changing in different parts of the Arctic? How can different Arctic cultures share knowledge about the environment? How can GPS and GIS technology help Inuit compile their knowledge of the land into maps and databases for understanding environmental change? The community of […]

The Foxe Basin

The Global Warming 101 Expedition Team will mush along the edge of the Foxe Basin on our way to Iglulik. Strong ocean currents flow though parts of the Foxe Basin, keeping the ice from freezing solidly like it does in some other areas. For this reason people who travel between Iglulik and Clyde River, instead […]

Snow on ice

Local people tell us that when the snow comes right after the sea begins to freeze, it can keep the ice from thickening. It may seem strange to think of snow keeping something warm. Snow traps air, however, just like a fluffy comforter on a bed or the modern insulation in the outside walls of […]