Author: Eric Wojchik

Keeps the Doors Open

Being at the Madrid Conference of Parties (COP25), which I can colloquially call the UN Climate Conference, has been such a surprising experience. It has been at once uplifting and demoralizing, energizing and deflating, heartening and alarming. It has been a huge wake up call for me personally and how I think about my climate […]

A Twitter COP Journey

Eric started using Twitter to engage with #MNCOP25, and we wanted to share his journey! Be sure to go on and follow him at @la_stradamn to join in on the conversation in real time. Can’t compete with @timvsexton’s hat, but at least I’m representing too on my way to #cop25, #mncop25, @ClimateGenOrg, @MetCouncilNews — […]

Letting Our Guard Down

I remember growing up in Southern MN, listening to REM’s Green album and feeling a rising, persistent concern for the state of our planet. At that time, in the 1980’s, environmental issues seemed very tangible for me, with acid rain and the ozone layer constantly in the news. I spent most of my time exploring […]