Renowned Polar Explorer Tackles NWO Wilderness

Will Steger’s Winter Hike: Wabakimi Park to Ely By Susan Bourne On Thursday, March 31, I was enjoying a sunny break at the Dawson Trail Campgrounds. As I rounded the corner, I spotted of all things, a canoe. At first I thought that it was a mirage, when a slender man dressed in green also appeared (not a […]

Steger to make long ice-out solo expedition

By Sam Cook Thirty years to the day after Ely’s Will Steger and seven others left northern Canada for the North Pole, Steger will begin a different kind of trip. He’ll make a 350-mile solo expedition, traveling over lakes and rivers from a remote drop-off in Ontario back to his homestead near Ely. Steger, 71, […]

What Will Steger is planning to explore in 2016

MPR News host Tom Weber continued a series of 2016 preview conversations and checked-in with explorer and activist Will Steger. Steger has new adventures planned for the new year, as well as continuing work with his new Wilderness Center in Ely. 1/06/16

The Climate Generation

By Cathy de Moll While celebrating the launch of my new book Think South last week, I happened upon several people who followed the book’s subject, the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition, as kids. I met them not, as I anticipated, in the audience, but in various roles surrounding the event. One of the reporters who called for […]

Leading by example

Leading by example Will Steger focuses on risks of climate change PICKETTS LAKE—This past week, Ely explorer Will Steger showed he could walk-the-walk when it comes to renewable energy. It is a case of leading by example. For nearly a decade, Steger has focused his incredible energies on raising public awareness of the risks posed […]

Missing the depth(s) of Jacques Cousteau

By John Rash MAY 1, 2015 — 6:14PM Jacques-Yves Cousteau was ahead of his time. Well before today’s media mavens, Cousteau used cutting-edge technology, pioneered reality TV and in the process became an iconic brand. But Cousteau was of his time, too. “It’s a different time, a different era in our human life on the […]

Will Steger speaks on climate change at St. Luke’s

Posted: Wednesday, May 6, 2015 12:26 pm By Meghan Davy Members of St. Luke Presbyterian Church in Minnetonka had the opportunity to learn about climate change first hand recently, when the faith community hosted Will Steger April 26. “It can be said without exaggeration, on behalf of ourselves and our families yet to come, […]