Down by the Shore

test-ship-1.jpgAbby, Elizabeth, John H, and Jerry walked along the edge of the bay in Iqaluit as the sun sank low on the horizon. This time of year at this latitude, the golden light of sunset lasts for several hours. They explored around the many boats that are pulled up on shore for the winter, the boat-moving equipment, and several dog yards.

The airport is close to the shore and they saw several cargo planes land. This time of year Iqaluit is accessible only by airplane, snowmobile, or dog-team, so all the supplies for the entire town have to be flown in. There is also a snowmobile road that skirts the shore. They had to be careful crossing the road so they wouldn’t get in the way of the snowmobilers. The road is coated with glare ice that is hidden underneath a thin layer of snow. It was very slippery, especially in mukluks.







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