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newulm will Will speaking at Our Saviors Lutheran Church, New Ulm, Mn (See below for more photos)

We successfully completed an eight-city tour of Minnesota with free public forums on climate change, clean energy and health. When the New Ulm journal published the headline: Polar explorer, scientist, bishop to address climate change, we knew we were pulling together a diversity of voices for climate action.

In collaboration with Fresh Energy and the Lutheran Coalition for Public Policy, we executed eight forums with local partners this fall in rural communities across the state.

Between 300-500 people attended each event to learn about Minnesota’s clean energy path and hear Will’s own eyewitness account. Events garnered significant media attention, allowing us to reach even more people.

Several forums included reflections on faith and creation care. Events included dinner with community leaders, students and elected officials. These forums facilitated important discussions around the topic of climate change that will have lasting impacts on Minnesota and the United States for years to come.

Participants signed postcards to their local representatives and Governor Dayton urging Minnesota to achieve the state carbon reduction goal of at least 30% by 2050. This January we will deliver thousands of postcards signed at the forums to Governor Dayton and Minnesota legislators, as they prepare for the 2013 Legislative session.

This is our message:

Minnesota is on a clean energy path that is creating good jobs, saving money, and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Our increasing use of energy efficiency and renewable energy is cutting pollution like mercury and carbon that harms our families’ health, and reducing respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular disease. But our work is not done. We urge you to take leadership to address climate change and advance our clean energy economy by:

  • Supporting Minnesota’s clean energy and carbon reduction policies
  • Supporting new policy opportunities so that Minnesota achieves even more benefits from efficiency and clean energy like biomass, solar and wind
  • Ensuring that Minnesota achieves the state carbon reduction goal of at least 30 percent by 2025.

Events included:

Event Photos (Click photos for more):

{rokbox album=|myalbum| thumbcount=|1| title=|Concordia College, St. Paul, Mn|}images/stories/blog/climatenews/20121219/concordia/*{/rokbox} {rokbox album=|myalbum| thumbcount=|1| title=|Our Saviors Lutheran, New Ulm, Mn|}images/stories/blog/climatenews/20121219/newulm/*{/rokbox} {rokbox album=|myalbum| thumbcount=|1| title=|Bethlehem Lutheran, St. Cloud, Mn|}images/stories/blog/climatenews/20121219/stcloud/*{/rokbox} {rokbox album=|myalbum| thumbcount=|1| title=|Winona State Univ, Winona, Mn|}images/stories/blog/climatenews/20121219/winona/*{/rokbox}
Concordia College
Moorhead, Mn
Our Saviors Lutheran
New Ulm, Mn
Bethlehem Lutheran
St. Cloud, Mn
Winona State Univ
Winona, Mn
{rokbox album=|myalbum| thumbcount=|1| title=|Vinje Lutheran Church, Willmar, Mn|}images/stories/blog/climatenews/20121219/willmer/*{/rokbox}
Vinje Lutheran Church
Willmar, Mn

These forums are part of our public outreach efforts. In partnership with nonprofit organizations, congregations, and universities, Will Steger Foundation co-hosts Eyewitness to Global Warming community forums on climate change solutions; the forums spark future public and political action.


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