In Memory of Chester

chesterpup.jpg The Global Warming 101 Expedition Team knows all too well about the bond they develop with their canine friends, whether they are pulling a sled across the Arctic or chasing a ball in the backyard. Just hours before heading to the Arctic, our Expedition producer/cameraman Jerry Stenger received word that his dog, Chester, was terminally ill and needed to be put down. The diagnosis was that cancer had spread throughout his body. Jerry and his wife Jeanine (also traveling) weren’t able to be there during this trying time.

At a time when the excitement and adventure of a new expedition is upon us, Jerry had to say goodbye to his wife and 13 month-old son Landon, and then lose his best friend. Chester was a fixture at the Steger Homestead over the last 10 years, often peering down through the skylights of Will’s cabin roof when Jerry and Will met over a cup of tea. Jerry raised Chester in Ely at his own cabin, a few miles down the road from the Homestead.

A special thank you goes out to Paul Stenger, Lenny Grube, May Rae Joseph and the staff at the University of Minnesota Animal Hospital.


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