October 2019: Climate Generation Gist

Have you been feeling a bit more hopeful about solving our climate crisis?

Thanks to the Youth Climate Strike, significant media (over 300 outlets) dedicated coverage to climate change during UN Climate Week, and actions by businesses, countries (beyond the U.S.) and states have stepped up. I found this graphic of activism since our organization was established in 2006 to be a powerful testimony of the millions who are willing to flood the streets demanding climate action. We were disappointed that this week’s Democratic presidential debate on CNN did not continue the momentum, with moderators failing to ask any questions about climate change.

Locally, we recently built off of the Youth Climate Strike with our Youth Climate Kickoff to continue the momentum. We are also excited to welcome Akira Yano, our Youth Leadership Mentor, to our youth team to support our Youth Environmental Activists of MN program.

Additionally, Governor Walz announced that Minnesota will start the process to adopt Clean Car Standards. The new standards will combat climate change in the most polluting sector of our economy, protect public health, increase consumer choice, create jobs, and save Minnesotans money at the pump. This is great news, and a huge step forward to a clean transportation future for all Minnesotans!

We are proud to send Sarah Goodspeed, our Youth and Policy Manager, to the UNFCCC COP25 climate summit in Santiago, Chile this December. Our goal is to not only elevate Minnesota’s climate leadership on the international stage, but also to shine a spotlight on the intersection between Latin America, immigration, and climate change. Climate change in Latin America is exacerbating and sometimes causing a host of other problems, including crop failures and poverty, and over time these will only cause more people to migrate north as food insecurity continues. Stay tuned for more info on how to follow our Window into COP25 program.

December also marks the deadline for submissions for Eyewitness, a chapbook about Minnesotans experiences with climate change impacts and solutions.

To lift our spirits for the road ahead, next month we will Band Together or a night of music, storytelling and climate action on November 16th featuring musicians like Xiuhtezcatl, Jeremy Messersmith, Aby Wolf, Ben Weaver, Chastity Brown, and more. Get your tickets today, you don’t want to miss this unique concert!

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