Senator John Marty recognizes Will Steger

Will Steger with Senator John Marty

Will Steger with Senator John Marty

Will Steger with Senator John Marty

Will Steger with Senator John Marty

April 22, 2014

Today Senator John Marty recognized Will Steger and his incredible leadership and accomplishments for raising awareness of the urgency of climate change and the opportunity for solutions.

The Minnesota Senate has introduced the following resolution:

A senate resolution:

WHEREAS, Will Steger is a recognized authority on the Polar regions, including its environmental issues, and an eyewitness to the effects of climate change, having spent more than 45 years traveling through the Arctic regions, becoming one of the most widely traveled explorers of the Polar regions ever, advocating for the Earth’s preservation and permanent solutions to our climate crisis;

WHEREAS, in 2006, Steger joined Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Dr. Thor Heyerdahl and Neil Armstrong in receiving the Lindbergh Award for “numerous polar expeditions, deep understanding of the environment and efforts to raise awareness of current environmental threats, especially climate change”;

WHEREAS, Will Steger has joined Amelia Earhart, Robert Peary and Roald Amundsen in receiving the National Geographic Society’s prestigious John Oliver La Gorce Medal for “Accomplishments in Geographic Exploration, in the Sciences, and Public Service to Advance International Understanding” in 1995, which has not been granted to any individual since;

WHEREAS, in 2007, he received the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award from the Explorers Club for his work on climate change;    

WHEREAS, Will Steger has dedicated his life to inspiring and empowering people to engage in solutions to climate change, establishing the Will Steger Foundation to translate his concern for climate change into education and advocacy;

WHEREAS, he is helping build in K-12 schools climate literacy using sound educational curriculum based on best practices in educational research, pedagogy, and climate science, and promoting teacher education and professional development through the Will Steger Foundation;

WHEREAS, since 2006, Steger has spoken with over 50,000 Minnesotans at public and private events and has made hundreds of presentations around the world on his eyewitness perspective;

WHEREAS, he created “Eyewitness to Global Warming,” a vivid account of the changes that he’s witnessed firsthand, caused by global warming pollutants in Arctic regions over four decades of polar exploration.

WHEREAS, Will Steger served on the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group and has been engaged in numerous other policy development efforts including testimony before the United States Congress and advising world leaders on the environmental protection of Antarctica;

WHEREAS, Will Steger holds a Bachelor of Science in geology and Master of Arts in education from University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN as well as five Honorary Doctorates;


BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Minnesota that it hereby recognizes and commends Will Steger for his dedication and lifelong commitment to our natural resources and the future of our planet; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we offer our thanks to Will Steger for his tireless work educating the public about climate change as an environmental and economic issue, and for reminding us of our moral responsibility to future generations.  


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