Addressing This Climate Chaos Together

Today was education day at COP22, and it ended up being nearly the opposite of what I expected. Taking a step back, I realize it was cultural ignorance that led to my surprise at how this day manifested itself at COP. This surprise stemmed from the focus of the education discussions, which was Indigenous, traditional […]

Standing Rock Solidarity at COP22

“We call upon all member states to condemn the destruction of our sacred places and to support our nation’s efforts to ensure that our sovereign rights are respected. We ask that you call upon all parties to stop the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and to protect the environment, our nation’s future, our culture […]

The “COP of Action:” What Has Happened Thus Far

One week down and one more week to go for this year’s round of international climate change negotiations (COP22) here in Marrakech. The biggest news story has certainly been the results of the American election and speculation on how it may change the course of future international climate policy. However, plenty of other important events […]

The UN Must Take Climate Change Education and Empowerment Seriously

Today is Education Day at COP22. But why does it matter? In this highly technical negotiation space, why should Education be on the agenda of an international climate change conference? Moving towards decarbonization presents a paradigmatic shift in our economy, society, and way of life. We need to ensure that we have the capacity for […]

Your Window Into Marrakech: Young and Future Generations Day

In the wake of Tuesday’s U.S. election results, the mood in Marrakech has shifted. Several news stories that have come out in the wake of the election speak to the doubt, concern, and anger that Trump’s impending presidency have created. The fears of what a Trump presidency could mean for the future of the Paris […]

Moving Forward

The results of the American presidential elections have taken the world by surprise. Here at this year’s international climate change summit, COP22, there is an equal if not greater sense of shock as to what this means for the future of the negotiations. President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly called climate change a hoax, and has […]

The Determination I Needed

Today was Young and Future Generations day, as well as my first day at COP22. I heard the election results in the middle of traveling for over 24 hours to get to Marrakech. I entered my first day at the negotiations tired and upset, with feelings of hopelessness, devastation, worries, and embarrassment. What was I […]

Your Window Into Marrakech: COP22 Begins!

Siiri and Johanna were the first of our delegation to arrive! Siiri and Johanna were on the ground yesterday for the opening of COP22. Siiri spent some of the day in a YOUNGO (youth constituency group) session where there was discussion about the need to prioritize climate change education. Johanna has had the opportunity to […]

The Role of Youth in International Climate Negotiations

I am attending COP22 as a delegate of Climate Generation as well as a young person concerned about the future of our climate. Every years hundreds of young people like myself come to these UN climate negotiations to lobby for their rights and ambitious targets to combat climate change. The umbrella organization for young people […]

Your Window Into Marrakech: Looking Ahead to COP22

Our intergenerational delegation shares what they’re looking forward to at COP22, and the significance of these negotiations for them.     The stage is now set for COP22 to take place from November 7-18 in Marrakech, Morocco. Today, the Paris Agreement forged at COP21 officially enters into force – one month after it crossed the ratification threshold […]