Climate Change Education Gains New Advocate

The big news in the world of climate change education this week has been the National Center for Science Education’s new climate change education initiative.  “Long respected for its work in defending and supporting the teaching of evolution in the public schools…NCSE launched this new initiative to defend and support the teaching of climate change.” […]

Climate Literacy Workshop: NAAEE 2011

On October 12 representatives from the Climate Literacy Network came together to provide an all day workshop at the North American Association for Environmental Education Conference.  The workshop, Climate Change Education:  Science, Solutions, Inspiration, and Empowerment, gave participants an introduction to climate science, common climate change misconceptions, educational materials educators can use to integrate climate […]

What Does Extreme Weather Mean for Climate Change Educators?

Over the last month it has been hard to miss the news reports, blogs and editorial commentary on the extreme weather events that have been sweeping the country.  Tornadoes, flooding, and above normal temperatures have caught the media and the nation’s attention and looking for answers, inevitably the question has risen, “is THIS climate change?”, […]

The North Pole 25 Years Later: Climate Change and the Arctic

This weekend and into next week we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Will Steger’s North Pole Expedition.  The reunion will be an opportunity to reminisce and remember their unbelievable journey and “…accomplishment; the first confirmed trek to reach the Pole without resupply, [which] was deemed by National Geographic “a landmark in polar exploration.”  […]

What’s your favorite carbon calculator?

[Update: This post has been updated and modified from the original content to ensure carbon calculator data is up to date.] Helping students to understand how the choices they make have an impact on the planet can be difficult, but in recent years online “carbon calculators” have been developed to help make this concept easier […]

The Parks Climate Challenge

“One of the most precious values of the national parks is their ability to teach us about ourselves and how we relate to the natural world. This important role may prove invaluable in the near future as we strive to understand and adapt to a changing climate.” NPS Director Jon Jarvis The above quote headlines […]

Looking to Nature for Climate Solutions

For a few years I worked in a youth program focused on engaging young people in engineering and design.  For an environmental educator like myself, it was difficult at first to get too enthusiastic about it.  Early on, however, I came across the study of biomimicry and began to draw some pretty exciting connections between […]

Climate Change Book Review for Elementary

Being the mother of an elementary aged girl it is hard to avoid reading the Ivy and Bean series by Annie Barrows.  The series, eight books in length, features two girls that are very different, but the best of friends.  Instead of their differences causing a problem, they instead make possible wonderful adventures and creative […]