Your Window into COP23 Day 8: November 13

Things are usually a bit more quiet on the weekend at the COP, and other events often are hosted. This Sunday there was a Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders; a premier gathering of governments to talk next steps in climate action and facilitate partnership for implementation of the Paris Agreement. Subnational climate speakers from […]

Sunday Activities Around the Climate Conference

Today (Sunday), I arrived in Bonn. I had flown into the Frankfurt Airport and the highlight of the journey was to ride on a high speed train at 150 miles per hour. It was amazingly smooth and quiet. Along the way, there were well-cared-for fields and farm houses with many surrounding wind turbines. My host […]

A day of planes, trains, and buses

COP23 Day 1: Arriving in Germany and getting oriented – with jet lag! A day of planes, trains, and buses I arrived at the Dusseldorf Airport in Germany today at 11 a.m. local time – 4 a.m. Minnesota (MN) time – after ten hours of air travel. Dusseldorf is in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), a […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 7: November 12

As we’ve witnessed by the international presence at COP23, climate change touches everyone. Through our multi-sector delegation, we have the opportunity to amplify how the U.S. can address the leadership gap that has been created by the Trump administration’s fossil fuel agenda. In addition to cities, states, and businesses stepping in to uphold the Paris […]

American Identity

With the most recent election one year behind us, I’ve been reflecting on how I feel as an American and the values, ideas, and beliefs of Americans around me. It’s no news to anyone, fake or real, that President Trump doesn’t care about climate change. This is very obvious at COP23. There is an area […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 6: November 11

At COP negotiations each year, Loss and Damage is an important dialogue that involves developed and developing countries collaborating on the urgency of climate change impacts, mitigation, and adaptation. The name is as clear as it sounds: Loss and Damage refers to when climate change results in extreme loss and damage beyond the impacted country’s […]

The Wrap: 100% Renewables & A Low Carbon Grid

As I write my final blog of the week, I’ll focus on two topics. 100% Renewable Energy First, to conclude the 100% renewable energy discussion, I highlight Vaxjo and Costa Rica, as well as an important research paper. Vaxjo is Duluth’s sister city in Sweden, and they share a similar population around 90,000 and an […]