Shaking Al Gore’s Hand

My time in Bonn is coming to a close, and I’m sure Climate Generation’s week two delegates are getting ready to arrive. I don’t leave until Sunday, but I’m planning on being a tourist for at least part of tomorrow and checking out a little bit more of Bonn. It’s a hard choice, though, because […]


My goal this week was to represent philanthropy and how this sector plays a role in climate action and how it will shift in the future. Philanthropy is most definitely playing a large role in the climate movement. Discussion panel experts here at COP23 were often executive directors, scientists, or specialists of both large and […]

Our Common Home and Its Role Here

The greater theme of this COP as I have seen through the Talanoa Dialogue, the way COP talks about “one conference, two zones” (referencing the two zones of civil society and official negotiations that exist here in Bonn), and through the Open Dialogue with youth, is accessibility. This, however, is not being carried out. With […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 5: November 10

Delegates Ellen Anderson and Leigh Currie shared how it feels to be American at COP23 during yesterday’s webcast. Yesterday, the U.S. Climate Action Pavilion opened as a stand alone structure outside of the conference. This pavilion represents the We Are Still In initiative launched by Michael Bloomberg, in response to the Trump administration’s lack of […]

Money or Food: What Will Youth Choose?

This morning, the exhaustion really hit me hard. I missed my alarm, and when I did wake up about half an hour later it was struggle to get out of bed. Luckily, a quick breakfast on the subway over to COP kept me on schedule. The first conference that I wanted to attend was called […]

America’s Most Wanted: State-Level Actions

Today marked the official opening of the U.S. Climate Action Center here in Bonn at COP23. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Climate Action Center is a stand-in for the U.S. Pavilion. Because the U.S. refused to pay for a pavilion this year—for the first time ever—private parties, including former New York mayor […]

Grassroots Activism

With COP21 setting the commitment to a maximum of 1.5°C global temperature rise, countries pledged varying but significant carbon emission reductions. With each day at COP23, it becomes more evident that a 1.5°C goal will only be achieved with a combination of government policy mandates, NGO action, and grassroots organization. Governments constantly change administrations often, […]

100% Renewable Energy

Today I spent my day at a conference at the German Environment Ministry, just two train stops from the COP23 meeting. “The Local Dimension of the NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy” was co-sponsored by the Ministry and organizations committed to the 100% renewable energy target. One sponsor, ICLEI, is a global network of 1,500 sustainable cities […]

Action in All Its Forms

Today was a day full of action and energy. I began the day by taking part in an action where youth called out fossil fuel companies. Today was Young and Future Generations Day but also, ironically, Business Day. There were tons of actions related to natural (unnatural, really) gas, fracking, and fossil fuels in general, […]

Your Window Into COP23 Day 4: November 9

Our delegates Cheryl, Ian, and Espoir shared their thoughts and observations on being Americans at COP23 during yesterday’s webcast. You may have noticed that acronyms and COP23 go together like two peas in a pod. From UNFCCC to NDC, you may be feeling like the negotiations are similar to a two-week long inside joke that […]