Winning the Climate Change Conversation

When I stepped onto the hotel shuttle in Chicago, the first question I was asked by an exuberant woman from Ohio was, “Are you going to the Climate Reality Training with Al Gore?” I responded that I was, but a hard-faced man in front of me answered for he and his wife, “NO! I don’t […]

Sprog reflection

I was a high school junior when I first heard about the Sierra Student Coalition’s grassroots organizing training program, called Sprog (short for Summer Program). I’d just returned from studying environmental science intensively at a semester boarding school program in Wisconsin, and I was looking for ways to turn my new understanding of environmental issues […]

Matty McNair

Last night the expedition team visited Matty McNair and her twenty-year-old daughter, Sarah. Matty is the most experienced female polar guide in the world. After working 22 years for Outward Bound, Matty guided the first all-women expedition to the North Pole in 1997, led two ski-all-the-way expeditions to the South Pole in 2002 and 2003, […]