Will Steger Foundation Educator Resource Binder Direct Download

Will Steger Foundation Educator Resource Binder

The Will Steger Foundation’s K-12 interdisciplinary global warming curriculum is experiential in nature and tied to national standards. Our curriculum and online adventure learning program is proud to have the support of the National Education Association with over 3.2 million members. WSF also provides exciting expedition footage from Will Steger’s polar expeditions to supplement the lesson plans.

Curriculum BinderThe Global Warming Lesson Plans help students master the requisite background information on global climate change processes, the importance of the Arctic to global climate, the potential effects of global warming in the Arctic, and consider what could/should be done in response. They also help students communicate about the issue using communication strategies.

The What Now? action resources, including the New Citizen Climate Lesson Plans focus on global to local climate change solutions.

The Expedition Supplements support the lesson plans with a collection of expedition blogs, images and video to bring the front lines of global warming into the classroom.


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