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Curriculum Resources

Citizen Climate Curriculum: Climate Generation

Climate Interactive- C-Learn


Climate Generation Resources

Expedition Copenhagen 2009


How Paris Turned The Climate Movement Into An Everyone Movement (2/29/16)

This is Why Scientists Have Hope For the Climate (2/29/16)

Fresh Energy Webinar on the results of the UN Climate Summit (12/22)

Why the Paris Climate Summit Is Also a Peace Conference (11/28)

What’s on the table in Paris? (11/27)

A Moment of Clarity – Why I’m going to Paris COP21 (11/25)

3 Key Ingredients for the COP21 Paris Agreement (11/25)

A Crash Course on COP21 (a.k.a. the Paris Climate Talks) (11/4)

What is COP21? The two minute guide (11/4)

INDC: The Acronym Standing Between Us and Disaster (11/3)

World’s climate pledges not yet enough to avoid dangerous warming – UN (11/1)

Can nations reach a strong agreement at COP 21? (10/29)

Minnesota Reaffirms Commitment to Reducing Greenhouse Gases and Combating Global Climate Change (10/29)

How U.N. Climate Negotiations Are Like Splitting A Bar Tab (10/21)

Eco Hip Hop Artist Takes World by Storm (10/20)

Webinar: Building Momentum for International Climate Negotiations, Union of Concerned Scientists (10/20)

Activists promise largest climate civil disobedience ever at Paris summit (10/20)

150 Countries Pledge to Curb Carbon Emissions (10/20)

Country “Report Cards” – Evaluating national climate pledges for the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris (10/20)

History of the UNFCCC Negotiations (10/18)

Which countries are doing the most to stop dangerous global warming? (10/18)

Paris COP21 Information Hub (10/6)

Ski Bummer: The Ski Industry’s Battle to Stave off Global Warming — and Its Own Extinction (9/16)

C2ES Resources on the International Climate Talks – Keep checking back on this one (9/10)

The Paris Talks: Looking Behind the Scenes (9/3)

What Success at the Paris Summit Should Look Like
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About the UN Climate Talks But Were Afraid To Ask

UNFCCC — 20 Years of Effort and Achievement: Key Milestones in the Evolution of International Climate Policy

Glossary of climate change acronyms

UN Climate Change Newsroom

Understanding the UNFCCC Negotiations, A timeline of the united Nations, Framework Convention on Climate Change

Paris Climate 2015 Interactive Map

What Success at the Paris Summit Should Look Like

International Negotiations: Toward A 2015 Climate Agreement

CAIT Climate Data Explorer

As We Prepare For The UN CLimate Talks, A Look At What’s Changed Since COpenhagen